SONORA - SOuth-NORth Axis
Improving transport infrastructure and services across Central Europe

SoNorA is a transnational cooperation project, financed within the Accessibility priority of the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme, which aims to help regions across Central Europe.
The project aims to developing accessibility in South North direction, between the Adriatic and Baltic seas, in terms of:

1. Making the SoNorA network real, through support for the completion of transport infrastructure;
2. Activating and improving multimodal freight logistics services;
3. Developing transnational action plans for future realisations;
4. Supporting new regional development opportunities, due to transport network improvements.

Led by Veneto Region (Italy), the project consortium is composed of 25 Partners from 6 EU Countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia) and 35 Associated Institutions.

Reserved area

Intermodal routing accessibility analysis - Information evalaution tool for nodes and networks
Ten - T Recommendation
II Italian national workshop - Venice, 15th June 2012
Perspektiven einer verstärkten Zusammenarbeit zwischen Skandinavien und Adria – Berlin, 2nd March 2012

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